Sunday, January 02, 2005

HillaryWatch: Clinton's Public Pledge on Tsunami Disaster Relief

President and Mrs. Clinton who have made better than $30 million in book advances since leaving the White House took time this weekend to make a very public pledge of personal funds towards the relief work going on in the Tsunami wrecked region of the Indian Ocean.

The Clintons were appearing at a relief effort in Queens and met with some 30 volunteers gathered. Oh yes, and New York Newsday newspaper reporter just happened to be there to get a statement from the couple.

Later in the weekend when the Clintons were queried by CNN as to how much they would be personally donating to the cause - the Clintons' spokesperson went silent.

Lesson learned? Don't make a big public deal about what a great contribution you're going to make to charity - if you intend it to be private. HillaryWatch believes it makes you look like a couple of cheap publicity chasers...

HW is also sure it makes you look that way to others as well...


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