Monday, January 10, 2005

HillaryWatch: Finance Aide Indicted/Hillary Knew The Truth

As the news was breaking on the new developments in the "Hillary Aide" story, I am sad to report I was headed out of town. But I have since returned and there are some important things to be pointed out here.

First off...

The indictment is serious. WNBC had the details first. Up to four seperate counts of indictable wrong doing. Each of them carrying a jail sentance of up to five years and $250,000 PER in fines. (That's $1,000,000 all totaled.)

With her typical style, Clinton denied being informed of the details. Her attorney David Kendall (of impeachment fame) simply said that the Senate office was working with the investigation and that they were confident that when the smoke cleared... blah, blah, blah...


It turns out that Hillary had herself personally negotiated some of the fees involved in the now infamous fund-raiser. And this come's from the producer for the event - Peter Paul.

Paul is saying that he informed Mrs. Clinton that her finance director, had failed to accurately report the costs for the event to the Federal Election Commission.

"Hillary Clinton personally called the producer of the concert part of this event," Mr. Paul told Fox News Channel's Eric Shawn. "She asked him to lower the fee that he was charging of $850,000 at my request. So I don't understand how she could possibly say that she didn't know."

The Clinton camp, for what its worth, is sticking by its story...with lackey-lawyer Kendall running out with press statements.

This time however conservative activist group Judicial Watch claims that they can produce video, pictures, and thank you notes that demonstrate Hillary's involvement. A Judicial Watch spokesman confirmed to HillaryWatch that they have in fact handed this evidence over to the Justice Department.

HillaryWatch firmly believes that if Mrs. Clinton is to have any chance at securing the party's nomination in 2008 she has to be transparent on this issue and anything else that comes as close to the heart in the weeks ahead.

We even suggest that Hillary might in fact do so in certain transparency to be more acceptable to the middle of America that she believes she might still snag long term in a heated Presidential race.


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