Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hillary '08 - The Lady Who Divides

This morning this story popped up in the Tuscaloosa News. An outside group - supposedly - not affiliated with the Clinton campaign is already airing ads supporting her run for the presidency in the early primary state of New Hampshire.

The ads are designed to gin up the excitement and to firmly plant Hillary as the frontrunner in the minds of that state's "first in the nation" voting position.

There has been a consistent debate over whether Hillary has the steam to make it through the primary and general election cycle in 2008. Most critics who seem to think she won't always cite the same reason.

"Hillary is the strongest Democrat. She's the most popular woman in the
country," said Kunst, who believes the polarizing senator will attract votes
from Republicans who are unhappy with the Bush administration.

"The party simply says, 'Well, Hillary divisive, Hillary controversial.' We
say that is an asset, not a liability," Kunst said. "Nobody gets attacked like
her, but on the other hand nobody has the support like her."

For what it's worth. Divisive and controversial is exactly what she will have to be to give herself definition from the rest of the crowd of liberal standards that will attempt to run against her.

In marketing you always try to make your brand something that is distinct and triangulating division is how the Clintons were successful in the 90's.I don't know if it gets her anywhere in the general election.

But for the duration of the primary - expect Hillary to be divisive and controversial - she has to win the base. Expect the more calm, resolute Hillary to show up after the rest have dropped out and she's on her way to the big dance.


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